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A Contemporary Expression of Franciscan Tradition within the Anglican Communion

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Peace and all good to you from the friars of the Order of Saint Francis! We hope that you find this site informative and helpful. If you do not find what you are looking for, please feel free to contact us with your questions.

The Order of Saint Francis (OSF) is an active, Apostolic Christian religious order within the Anglican Communion, in connection with the See of Canterbury. Rather than living in an enclosed communal setting, OSF Brothers live independently in different parts of the world, with ministries based on the needs of their local communities. Members are baptized men who have been confirmed within the Anglican Communion, and who  voluntarily  commit  to  live by a set of professed vows for a term of years or for life.

To get a better understanding of who we are, please visit the 'Vocation' and 'Brothers' pages.

Franciscan Meditation

The first stage of the spiritual life, 
the beginning of it all, 
is to gain some control over the passions. 
The second stage is to devote oneself 
to the vocal recitation of the psalms, 
for when the passions have been calmed 
and prayer has brought some order 
in our quest for pleasure, 
then the psalms can bring us great delight, 
and they are pleasing in God's sight.
The third stage is to pray with our mind.
The fourth is when we ascend to contemplation.

- Symeon the New Theologian
The Book Of Mystical Chapters
Meditations on the Soul's Ascent
From the Desert Fathers and other early Christian Contemplatives
Translated by John Anthony McCuckin

Taizé: Alleluia 17


2013 Convocation

The warmth of Brother Sun and the warmth of true Brotherhood both abounded at this year’s annual Convocation of the Order of Saint Francis, which was held in July at the beautiful St. Andrew’s House Retreat Center in Union, Washington. The Brothers participated in a rigorous daily schedule of communal worship, vocational and Chapter meetings, “workshops” and theological discussions, while making sure to leave some time for solitary reflection and for walking the trails around the gorgeous woods and ocean inlet that surround the retreat center. St. Andrew’s has become a kind of “Mother House” for the Order, a place of spiritual rejuvenation where the Brothers come together in fellowship to refresh the bonds of Brotherhood, worship in community, discuss their ministries, take or renew vows, and enjoy together the restorative beauty of rural Western Washington. We hope you will enjoy this video of our time together!